Final Design
My department needed cover art for soccer games of the Liga MX league that were being broadcast on our streaming platforms. The brand package of source material given to us did not fit with the FOX Sports brand, so we decided to take it in an original direction.
I was tasked with creating the new look that stayed true to the league while communicating the energy and brand of Fox Sports.
Brand Logo
The logo of the brand contained an interesting color pallet but we were going to use it as a background behind team logos so we needed to communicate the league colors while pushing the logo itself into the background, so I proposed we make the logo grayscale and bring the colors into the scene itself, as lights behind the background. I threw a mock together in Photoshop to show proof of concept.
Concept Design
As FOX Sports uses a lot of 3D-style art that utilizes depth, dimension, and textures, I decided to produce the piece in Cinema 4D to be able to extrude the logo and customize the scene lights and atmosphere.
First Draft
I brought the logo into Cinema 4D and added volumetric lights to the scene, and exported a quick render. This got the general idea across however the scene was too bright and background colors lacked atmosphere so I tested a variety of lighting options to come up with a more dynamic look.
While I had gotten the rays of light to to have more definition in the mist, the logo felt too thick and black, so I made further adjustments to bring texture and a more proportional weight to the logo. 
Final Cinema 4D Render
Having differentiated the textures between the side pieces and the X, and made the logo less deep, I produced a final high definition logo. All that was left to do was to refine the color in Photoshop.
Photoshop Adjusted Final Version
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