final render

I was asked to create animations for FOX Sports social media to be able to post when UCL teams scored. The social media team was looking for something playful and original, so I proposed a foosball theme.
After sketching out the table layout and story-boarding the animation I began to model the table in Cinema 4D. 

Initial sketch of table and ball movement

table design first draft

After building the table in 3D, I put together a rough draft of the animation.

animation first draft

This communicated the idea but the camera movement was a bit jerky, so I took a pass at smoothing it out.

refined camera motion draft

While this version was smoother, it still felt a little static, so I sketched out an idea for a different camera path.

new camera path

This new path seemed a little overly complicated, so we decided to go with a single camera direction for the next iteration. 

final 3D render

This new camera path felt perfect, so I rendered it as the final piece to bring in to After Effects to add the team logo and text.